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Husband’s selective noticing abilities!?

I am sure I can’t be the only woman on the planet that has noticed that for some unknown reason the men in our lifes only notice certain things?!

For instance they notice everything you haven’t managed to get done, yet don’t notice anything you have achieved.

Or they notice the one thing you didn’t get done and totally ignore the huge list of things that you’ve spent all day doing.

They notice that the football is on tonight but not that the pets need fed, or that the milk is finished……..

I believe in some households these roles are actually reversed, I have yet to actually come across this anywhere but I am capable of believing things without proof.

I wonder if he’d notice if I painted the whole house bright pink tomorrow? Or maybe he’d only notice any paint I dripped on the carpet.

Men can be very confusing creatures, I wonder if we confuse them just as much……….



Avon Connects: azteckermit

Avon Connects: azteckermit.

This is my AVON PRP (personal recruitment page) issued by AVON.

If you’d like to join our fabulous team apply by clicking the pink apply now button on the right. 😀

We’d love to have you in Team Siangela, you get to be your own boss and work for yourself building your own fabulous business, with a great team helping you every step of the way.

It’s free to try and training is provided. what have you got to lose?

What I do….

Well if I’m going to ramble on here I suppose I should let you know what I do when I’m not typing in here.

I am very busy, almost all of the time.

I am a self employed volunteer.


Well I’m a self employed AVON Rep and Sales Leader with a fabulous team of Reps and Sales Leaders, affectionately known as Team Siangela. 😀

I am the Social Media Mistress over at Alternative Copy, more about that later.

I am a volunteer working in a local youth organisation.

I love helping people, whether it’s helping people to set up and run successful AVON businesses or helping people to raise their self esteem levels. Helping people to feel fulfilled and helping them find the confidence in their own abilities to achieve their dreams.

It’s what I enjoy doing. Always has been.

Give me a topic to learn about and pass on the knowledge to people that can benefit from it and I’m happy. Support and encouragement are my preferred pass times.

I also have a fabulous group of customers through selling AVON and I get a lot of enjoyment out of chatting to them and providing them with fabulous service, oh yeah and earning commission on their orders is fab as well. 😀

This is me. :D

This is me. :D

Well this is what I look like, though my make up is sometimes a little different. 😛

Weird Day.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything is exactly the opposite to what you expect?

Plan for today was all written out, last night, with one or two doodles included to make me smile as the day went along.

Everything with approximate times, allowing for Buses not running to schedule, Doctors appointments running late, Pets being awkward whilst I try to clean them out and feed them and my husband sleeping for longer than he originally planned.

Well now I’m all confused, it looked really cold out so I wrapped up warm, then nearly cooked myself as it wasn’t cold at all, bus ran exactly on time, Doctors appointments were running early!! Pets were little Angels and I think I hear my husband getting up now, bang on time.

Am I still asleep?

Is this all a dream?

It’s odd that things going too smoothly actually makes me feel as disorganised as when they don’t go to plan at all.

Now I have lots of time I didn’t expect to have and no idea what to do.

It’s been a weird day.

Testing stuff

Apparently I can type a blog post in Microsoft office and have it post directly from here?

I’ll believe it when I see it, I’m not totally confident that I will have set it up properly.

Wish me luck, (silly thing to say!! If it doesn’t work you wont see this. )

Oh dear my brain hurts.

Learning as I go. Please bear with me.

Well I’ve never had a Blog page before, I usually have lots to say about everything so you’d think it would be easy.

However I have to get my head round a whole new website, remember to write stuff, try to make sure the stuff I have written actually makes sense, ……. aagh!!!!!! It’s terrifying!!!!!!

Some of my posts will no doubt just be me thinking out loud, some will be masterfully written and some will be written with wonderful intentions.

Please note when I think out loud spelling/typing is not necessarily one of my strengths. 😦

I shall try not to bore you and I hope you will try to see past my newbie-ness in the Blog writing department. (Is newbie-ness even a sensible term?)

But I will get good at this, I will remember to post (well I’ll try) and I will enjoy doing it.

Mwahahaha. 😛