Learning as I go. Please bear with me.

Well I’ve never had a Blog page before, I usually have lots to say about everything so you’d think it would be easy.

However I have to get my head round a whole new website, remember to write stuff, try to make sure the stuff I have written actually makes sense, ……. aagh!!!!!! It’s terrifying!!!!!!

Some of my posts will no doubt just be me thinking out loud, some will be masterfully written and some will be written with wonderful intentions.

Please note when I think out loud spelling/typing is not necessarily one of my strengths. 😦

I shall try not to bore you and I hope you will try to see past my newbie-ness in the Blog writing department. (Is newbie-ness even a sensible term?)

But I will get good at this, I will remember to post (well I’ll try) and I will enjoy doing it.

Mwahahaha. πŸ˜›



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