What I do….

Well if I’m going to ramble on here I suppose I should let you know what I do when I’m not typing in here.

I am very busy, almost all of the time.

I am a self employed volunteer.


Well I’m a self employed AVON Rep and Sales Leader with a fabulous team of Reps and Sales Leaders, affectionately known as Team Siangela. 😀

I am the Social Media Mistress over at Alternative Copy, more about that later.

I am a volunteer working in a local youth organisation.

I love helping people, whether it’s helping people to set up and run successful AVON businesses or helping people to raise their self esteem levels. Helping people to feel fulfilled and helping them find the confidence in their own abilities to achieve their dreams.

It’s what I enjoy doing. Always has been.

Give me a topic to learn about and pass on the knowledge to people that can benefit from it and I’m happy. Support and encouragement are my preferred pass times.

I also have a fabulous group of customers through selling AVON and I get a lot of enjoyment out of chatting to them and providing them with fabulous service, oh yeah and earning commission on their orders is fab as well. 😀


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