Husband’s selective noticing abilities!?

I am sure I can’t be the only woman on the planet that has noticed that for some unknown reason the men in our lifes only notice certain things?!

For instance they notice everything you haven’t managed to get done, yet don’t notice anything you have achieved.

Or they notice the one thing you didn’t get done and totally ignore the huge list of things that you’ve spent all day doing.

They notice that the football is on tonight but not that the pets need fed, or that the milk is finished……..

I believe in some households these roles are actually reversed, I have yet to actually come across this anywhere but I am capable of believing things without proof.

I wonder if he’d notice if I painted the whole house bright pink tomorrow? Or maybe he’d only notice any paint I dripped on the carpet.

Men can be very confusing creatures, I wonder if we confuse them just as much……….



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