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Heaven And El | Wishing you a happy, messy, (very human!) Christmas.

Heaven And El | Wishing you a happy, messy, (very human!) Christmas..

El made me cry! 😦 and smile 😀

Well worth a visit and I couldn’t say anything better. x


2012 not quite to plan

Well this has been an eventful year, we’re nowhere near where we planned to be by the end of 2012 but that’s due to things we couldn’t control and nothing that we did or didn’t do. I was made redundant from one of my favourite jobs, ill health then forced me to leave my next employer and become self employed. My hubby was moved from his old work site to a new site, with 2 months of no guaranteed shifts (and thus no pay) to deal with in the transition and then significantly lower hourly rate and hours rota’d in the new site compared to what our mortgage was based on. He was offered his dream job but was then unable to accept it due to his current employer enforcing that he had to give 2 months notice or no reference would be provided.

So looking back on the plans we had made for this year could be very depressing and down heartening.


However, if we look on what we have worked through instead of what we haven’t managed to achieve it has been a much better year, we have coped with and achieved a lot, just nothing we had planned.

I suspect that this may be the case for a lot of people this year, changes in the economic climate worldwide will be causing a lot of people to re-evaluate what is important to them.

There are many firms currently having to make their staff redundant, people who are struggling to make ends meet on benefits finding that they are being cut and people who have never been unemployed in their life finding that their nice secure employment isn’t quite as secure as they thought.

There is so much in life that we cannot control, we can however take the time to think over the last year and consider everything we have successfully dealt with. As the old saying goes, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ I know a lot of people are going to be starting 2013 a lot stronger than they were a year ago, in so many different ways.

We can all learn from the things that have went wrong this year and make 2013 a year to remember for all the right reasons.

I’d like to ask anyone reading this to think of 10 good things that they have achieved or that have happened in 2012. Write them down somewhere, comment on this blog post if you like. The important thing is to take the time to think of the good things that 2012 has brought us, no matter how big or small.

Christmas Tree 2012

Christmas Tree 2012

Well I managed to get the tree up and decorated, by myself, all silver, clear or white decorations.
I even managed to only be distracted by hot chocolate twice (quite an accomplishment for me!)
For some reason I can’t find our nativity set though, that will be a job for tomorrow though as it’s time for more hot chocolate and then bed me thinks.

First Present Wrapped

First Present Wrapped

Well I still don’t feel like it’s almost Christmas.

However I have started wrapping presents, has anyone else noticed that we spend ages getting them wrapped and decorated just so…..then the person they are for will take seconds to destroy our hard work on Christmas morning.
I wonder if my family and friends would notice if I started just giving gifts in paper bags stapled shut? I suspect that they would.

I might even put the tree up tonight whilst hubby is at work so that he comes home to a decorated living room in the morning.
Then again I might get side tracked drinking hot chocolate and forget to do the tree…….time will tell.

The London Chocolate Festival-A girls dream…

Just had to share this Blog Post from ‘Get Me A Spoon’ with you all.
A girl’s dream indeed, they really must come further North I nominate York (because the city is stunning) and Edinburgh as we have every other Festival imaginable throughout the year. Also because I could easily get to Edinburgh. 😀
Though I dread to think how much weight I’d put on in that weekend.

Get Me A Spoon

Soooo… I confess, I spent the whole weekend eating and drinking hardly anything but chocolate! I headed to the Chocolate Festival at the Southbank Centre in London extremely excited and oh my was my excitement warranted…

I dragged my friend from home, who now lives in London, Romany. Well not really dragged… she loved it! Different Chef demonstrations were held throughout the day over Friday Saturday & Sunday, the majority free of charge. We headed to the Christmas Pudding Chocolate session held by chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory, and it was amazing. His approach was very interactive, entertaining and his passion for chocolate was insane! The recipe he demonstrated was a working progress, and was still not 100% after a year (I disagree, they tasted heavenly)!! We tasted tonnes of samples and left pretty inspired to attempt to recreate the truffles at home.

We had a lovely girlie afternoon checking out…

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Not Feeling Christmassy yet. :(

Usually by now I have fully decorated our house, sent cards, wrapped presents and generally driven my hubby up the wall with Christmas music and films.

But not this year. For some reason I just don’t feel Christmassy at all this year.

We made the decision not to send ‘actual’ cards this year and phone, text, email etc instead, better for the environment, bank balance, sanity…….

Then there was the debate about the tree, hubby is working extra long shifts over the holiday weeks, will literally be coming home to shower, sleep, eat and go back to work. He probably wont even set foot in the living room at all.

Christmas Day I will be out all day, I don’t drive, there will be no public transport running where we live so Hubby will drop me off at my Parents house on his way to work then pick me up on his way home.

So with no children in the house or visiting. Neither of us actually going to be home for Christmas and no-one going to be visiting us due to hubby working all of the time or sleeping due to being on night shift, there hardly seemed any point.

A full day (or more) of digging the decorations out, putting them up and then hoovering up all the glitter etc that somehow gets everywhere even though I can’t think of any decorations that actually have glitter on them!

No-one to appreciate the decorations then the enormous challenge of putting the decorations away again, nothing ever fits the same way as it did the year before.

So is this why I don’t feel Christmassy, would putting the decorations up actually make a difference or just take up lots of time (and stress me out in the process) or is something else missing?