Not Feeling Christmassy yet. :(

Usually by now I have fully decorated our house, sent cards, wrapped presents and generally driven my hubby up the wall with Christmas music and films.

But not this year. For some reason I just don’t feel Christmassy at all this year.

We made the decision not to send ‘actual’ cards this year and phone, text, email etc instead, better for the environment, bank balance, sanity…….

Then there was the debate about the tree, hubby is working extra long shifts over the holiday weeks, will literally be coming home to shower, sleep, eat and go back to work. He probably wont even set foot in the living room at all.

Christmas Day I will be out all day, I don’t drive, there will be no public transport running where we live so Hubby will drop me off at my Parents house on his way to work then pick me up on his way home.

So with no children in the house or visiting. Neither of us actually going to be home for Christmas and no-one going to be visiting us due to hubby working all of the time or sleeping due to being on night shift, there hardly seemed any point.

A full day (or more) of digging the decorations out, putting them up and then hoovering up all the glitter etc that somehow gets everywhere even though I can’t think of any decorations that actually have glitter on them!

No-one to appreciate the decorations then the enormous challenge of putting the decorations away again, nothing ever fits the same way as it did the year before.

So is this why I don’t feel Christmassy, would putting the decorations up actually make a difference or just take up lots of time (and stress me out in the process) or is something else missing?


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