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January is almost over, where did it go?!

Well I completed the 21 day challenge and enjoyed every minute of it.

Nichole Kellerman is fantastic and great fun to work with. Check her out over at

She has so much to offer anyone struggling to gain control over their weight and wellbeing.

If you have ever dieted, tried assorted exercise regimes and then gave up. She’s the person you need on your side helping you get back the control over your choices.

I have been so busy with business, fitness, family and voluntary commitments it seems like forever since I last Blogged!!!

Where has January gone!?

I am feeling a lot more focused and energetic so February and beyond is going to seriously rock! I may have been rather quiet over the last month but if everything falls into place the way I hope, I will be far from quiet for the rest of the year.

How did your January go?


Days 7-13 of 21 Day Get Moving Challenge

Well we are more than half way through the 21 days and I am still eagerly awaiting each day’s challenges.

I am enjoying the extra energy I have now and the feelings of accomplishment each time I complete a challenge.

Unfortunately it has meant that I have spent less time online and have not managed to Blog as much as I would have liked.

Hoping to get back to normal service in the Blog over the next few weeks, off to do some Zumba just now though.


Days 3-6 of 21 Day Get Moving Challenge

Well I have successfully completed all challenges so far. Woohoo!!!!

Although there was a bit of juggling involved in the last few days. One day I had to do the challenge from the day before, as I don’t receive the new challenges till early afternoon and the time I had available that day was mid morning.

But that’s OK.

I then added the challenge I had missed into the following 2 days as extras and have now completely caught up, with extras added in.

Managed to fit in some Yoga, Zumba, Strictly Come Dancersize and a whole lot of walking into my week. Feeling tired but fantastic.

Almost finished the first week of the challenges, 1 day left then just 2 weeks to go and I can honestly say that I don’t anticipate any problems getting the challenges in daily.

Yes, some days I wont be able to do the 3 new challenges on the same calendar day as the people who are receiving their emails first thing in the morning, but that’s just timing. There are lots of things I can be doing each day to get moving and keep challenging myself. If I have to ‘bounce’ a challenge to the next day it’s not an issue. In fact if I get it done before lunch the next day it’s still before I receive the next days challenge anyway.

Even just adding 10 extra minutes of exercise into each day adds up to over an hour of extra exercise throughout the week. Can you find 10 minutes?

What have you done today?

Stand Tall & Reach for the Stars


Anyone who has ever visited the East End of Edinburgh is likely to recognise these Giraffes, they stand proudly beside each other with their heads held high.

So many people pass these every day be they tourists, locals, shoppers, commuters, dog walkers, people out exercising and folk heading to the local cinema, theatre, restaurant or bar.

But how many people actually stop and look at them?

How many of us take the fantastic things that we see every day for granted?

How many of us can’t see what is staring us right in the face?

I absolutely love these sculptures, they are 2 of my favourite things to look at when I’m in Edinburgh, they make me stop and think, they make me smile and they remind me to stand tall. I think that standing tall is important for a few reasons.

  • Slouching is BAD (need I say more?)
  • Good Posture is better for my health and well-being.
  • Consciously making a decision to ‘Stand Tall’ gives self-esteem and confidence levels a nice boost. At least it does for me.
  • I look slimmer when I ‘Stand Tall’

They remind me that it is completely possible to have my head in the clouds whilst still keeping my feet on the ground. I can make BIG EXCITING plans whilst still remembering the little mundane stuff I need to do first to get to that point. I can stand tall and reach for the stars.

The fact that so many people SEE them daily without NOTICING them makes me consider how many other things I might be seeing without noticing. When people Pray they may ask their God to help them find ways to accomplish things, to send them a sign, to help them make a decision. How many of us may be walking past the very signs that we have asked for without noticing them. Because they have become background noise even though they are staring us right in the face everyday.

Day 2 of the 21 day get moving challenge

Day 2 is nearing an end.

Todays challenges included an exercise video to complete which was great fun and very energetic.

What will tomorrow’s challenges be? I can hardly wait to find out!




end of day 1 of 21

Well I’m at the end of the first day of my 21 Day Get Moving Challenge.

The backs of my legs are hurting quite a bit, between my shoulder blades feels like it’s on fire and I’m feeling exhausted. Fairly sure the pain in my legs is from the squats and lunges in today’s challenge, the pain in my back isn’t actually unusual, unfortunately.

I have Fibromyalgia. For the past 4 years I have constantly been in pain of some description and also regularly have the feeling of exhaustion, it’s refreshing to be able to place the cause of some of the discomfort and tiredness on an activity instead of on an illness.

Hoping I’ll sleep really well tonight and be ready for whatever challenge tomorrow brings.

Tomorrow also brings a catch up meeting with my blue haired accomplice, more about her in a later post (or posts) she can be found over at if you can’t wait to meet her.

Day 1 of the 21 day get moving challenge

Well I not only managed my Challenge but also the Bonus Challenge and the Bonus Bonus Challenge. Yay. 😀

1 down 20 to go………..

If you fancy joining me in the challenge register at