Stand Tall & Reach for the Stars


Anyone who has ever visited the East End of Edinburgh is likely to recognise these Giraffes, they stand proudly beside each other with their heads held high.

So many people pass these every day be they tourists, locals, shoppers, commuters, dog walkers, people out exercising and folk heading to the local cinema, theatre, restaurant or bar.

But how many people actually stop and look at them?

How many of us take the fantastic things that we see every day for granted?

How many of us can’t see what is staring us right in the face?

I absolutely love these sculptures, they are 2 of my favourite things to look at when I’m in Edinburgh, they make me stop and think, they make me smile and they remind me to stand tall. I think that standing tall is important for a few reasons.

  • Slouching is BAD (need I say more?)
  • Good Posture is better for my health and well-being.
  • Consciously making a decision to ‘Stand Tall’ gives self-esteem and confidence levels a nice boost. At least it does for me.
  • I look slimmer when I ‘Stand Tall’

They remind me that it is completely possible to have my head in the clouds whilst still keeping my feet on the ground. I can make BIG EXCITING plans whilst still remembering the little mundane stuff I need to do first to get to that point. I can stand tall and reach for the stars.

The fact that so many people SEE them daily without NOTICING them makes me consider how many other things I might be seeing without noticing. When people Pray they may ask their God to help them find ways to accomplish things, to send them a sign, to help them make a decision. How many of us may be walking past the very signs that we have asked for without noticing them. Because they have become background noise even though they are staring us right in the face everyday.


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