Days 3-6 of 21 Day Get Moving Challenge

Well I have successfully completed all challenges so far. Woohoo!!!!

Although there was a bit of juggling involved in the last few days. One day I had to do the challenge from the day before, as I don’t receive the new challenges till early afternoon and the time I had available that day was mid morning.

But that’s OK.

I then added the challenge I had missed into the following 2 days as extras and have now completely caught up, with extras added in.

Managed to fit in some Yoga, Zumba, Strictly Come Dancersize and a whole lot of walking into my week. Feeling tired but fantastic.

Almost finished the first week of the challenges, 1 day left then just 2 weeks to go and I can honestly say that I don’t anticipate any problems getting the challenges in daily.

Yes, some days I wont be able to do the 3 new challenges on the same calendar day as the people who are receiving their emails first thing in the morning, but that’s just timing. There are lots of things I can be doing each day to get moving and keep challenging myself. If I have to ‘bounce’ a challenge to the next day it’s not an issue. In fact if I get it done before lunch the next day it’s still before I receive the next days challenge anyway.

Even just adding 10 extra minutes of exercise into each day adds up to over an hour of extra exercise throughout the week. Can you find 10 minutes?

What have you done today?


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