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Happy 1st Birthday Team Siangela.

First Birthday. and on Twitter @siangelastars were both launched a year ago today.

This was the official launch of ‘Team Siangela’ and ‘Siangela’ as a brand and business entity.

Siân Harris and I had been colleagues for over a year and had both been running our own independant AVON businesses before then, what makes today significant and worthy of celebration is the joining of two minds to reach a common goal.

We decided that we were stronger working together and could help support our teams and each other in so many different ways just by encouraging team work in a caring and supportive atmosphere.

The first year has flown past! And I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Our teams have gone from strength to strength, the fun, friendship and team spirit that we have successfully created has been the highlight of the year for me.

Here’s to many more years of fun. Cheers.



Nail Art First Attempt

Nail Art First Attempt

Been playing with my new toy.

AVON’s new Nail Art Tool with a fine brush at one end and dotting tool at the other.

Available to customers in the UK in a month, available to new reps signing up now in their first order at a discounted price.
25 new shades of speed dry nail enamel are about to be launched as well, also available to new reps in their first order at a discounted price.
If you’d like to place an order in advance drop me a message, if you’d like to join my team as a rep and take advantage of being able to get new items before customers and at a cheaper price email me at for more info.
(Over 18s in the UK only, sorry.)

New Toy. :D

New Toy. :D

My new AVON nail art tool has arrived. Woohoo.
Available for customers in the UK to order soon.
Fine brush at one end and dotting tool at the other.
I am going to have so much fun trying this out tomorrow.