Do today what others won’t, so that you can live tomorrow like others can’t.

I have no idea who it was that originally said

‘Do today what others won’t, so that you can live tomorrow like others can’t’

but it sums up how a lot of my friends are choosing to currently live their life.

Many people are finding themselves out of work through no fault of their own, companies are closing down, downsizing and having to make many staff redundant.

People who have always had a healthy bank balance are finding themselves struggling to make ends meet and having to make difficult decisions about what expenses matter most to them.

Many of those people are making the decision to become self employed business owners, this is the decision I made myself with the support of my husband.

For some reason there seems to be a large group of people that think this means that I sit around doing nothing and expect my husband’s salary to pay for everything.

This is far from the case, I currently work every day and choose to be constantly available to assist anyone linked to my business in any way necessary. We as a couple made the choice to focus on building and growing my business and our income from it, as a couple we made the choice to get rid of all avoidable expenses until we have built the business up to a set level. Our long term plan is for my business to grow to a level where my husband can leave his current full time job and choose whatever he’d like to do for a job or studies at that time.

We aim to become 100% debt free including having paid off our mortgage and be in a position to take holidays if and when we please, support whatever charities we choose without having to check we can afford to at the time, fully upgrade our current home and also buy or arrange to build another property.

As Princess Tiana from Disney’s Princess and the Frog says/sings

♫ There ain’t nothing gonna stop me now, ‘cause I’m almost there. ♫


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