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Candles, gemstones and cleaning!

Candles & Gemstones

Well I made lots of plans for all of the cleaning, tidying and organisation I was going to accomplish today.
Guess how much of it got done!

You guessed it, not a lot.

I did get lots of other things done instead though. Which gives me more time to work on what was the plan for today over the next few days, so not a complete disaster.

However my brain got more than a little distracted. Whilst dusting I always complain about the amount of hassle it is to dust my gemstone collection, having to move loads of small items to dust under them and wipe them down takes time.
My husband’s stock answer is to get rid of them or stick them in a box somewhere.
What would be the point of having things that are interesting to look at if I was just going to hide them away though?
My other complaint is the fact that my candles seem to attract dust.
I know silly things to complain about.

So when I was at a candle party the week before my birthday and saw these candle holders I fell in love with them.
Luckily my husband agreed that I should order them as part of my birthday gift from him.
Candle holders that double up as gemstone displays. Woohoo!!!
I received them today, which distracted me a little, as I had to sort them out and put them out on display with my gemstones inside them.

So although I didn’t get all of the cleaning finished today, I am counting this as a resounding win.
Gemstones are now not sitting on a shelf gathering dust, they are inside my fab new candle holders. (yes I know I will still have to dust them, but going to be a lot easier.)

Win, win. I get to have my gemstones on show and hubby gets to have them put in a container, OK containers, instead of sitting out on the shelves.

Candles and gemstones are on the list of my favourite things to look at, so I am a very happy me right now.

Better go get at least a little more cleaning done though.


Rubbish at Blogging, Sorry.

Yet again, I have to admit that I am terrible at blogging.
It’s not that I forget to blog, it’s more that when I remember, I can’t think of anything sensible to say.

Which explains why a lot of my previous posts make little or no sense.

I have so much that I want to blog about just now, that the problem is deciding what to blog first!!!!
Instead of suddenly having lots of blogs all at once I am going to make myself a list of the topics I want to blog about and gradually work my way through them.
Birthdays, Weddings, Fabulous NEW products, life in general…………. the list is endless.
Which bodes well for me managing to blog more often for the next few weeks at least.

There are a few things I do want to share just now though.
Siân (the other half of Siangela) got married.
I’ve lost 17lb so far this year.
AVON are about to launch fantastic new products, as well as their Christmas gift ideas starting to appear.
More on all of those topics to follow in future posts.

Bedazzled nail wraps by AVON

Oh almost forgot!!!!!!
I am now completely in love with AVON’s New Nail Art Design Strips, the photo above is of my nails with the Bedazzled design for Siân’s wedding.