Gradually getting back on top of my life.

In an ideal world my week would consist of daily yoga and walks outside enjoying the local area.
Harvesting and eating fresh produce from our garden, spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying working with my fabulous team of AVON reps and recruiting then training new team members.
As well as helping my customers find the best offers for them, local voluntary work and curling up with a good book.
For an assortment of reasons I’ve not had an ‘ideal week’ yet this year, gradually getting there though and lots to smile about.

For instance

Lovely local walks

Lovely local walks

I managed to get a 5k walk in on Saturday, wasn’t at a particularly fast speed but 5k is 5k.

relaxing with a smoothie and a book

Started a good book and enjoying making green smoothies with home grown spinach

My husband bought me the boxed set of the Game of Thrones book at Christmas and I have actually started reading them now.

El Edwards made me smile

Surprise post received from the fabulous El Edwards

El Edwards made me smile by surprising me with lovely postcards and a card.

El regularly makes me smile and giggle, you can find her hanging out on Twitter usually @MsElEdwards or at

fresh from the garden

Yummy fresh strawberries from the garden

We’ve been harvesting this quantity three times a week for over a month, we now have a bag of them in the freezer for making smoothies.

Lovely sunny days

More lovely local walks in the outdoors

Loving how close we are to green areas, we are surrounded by fields, woods, hills and rivers. makes for lovely local walks.


Fresh salad from the garden

Fresh salad from the garden

We haven’t had to buy any salad leaves for over a month, we have been able to harvest as and when required from our garden.

Oh and the new Doctor Who trailer was aired last night as well. So lots to smile about.

Now just need to put plans in place to make the rest of 2014 amazing.

I’m using the last of my original format Delightful Days planners now, luckily the new ones are about to be launched at I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on one of the new ones, just need to decide on what colour scheme I’d like, before they launch.

I’m managing to get back on top of my health and weight loss, thanks to Nichole Kellerman and her advice and support, she is amazing. You can find her on Facebook at You should go check her out, you wont regret it. I’d recommend finding her on Pinterest as well.

Feeling much more like myself now thanks to El for making me smile, Nichole Kellerman for reminding me to do something #WildlyAlive everyday and Siân Harris for her fantastic planners and reminding me to keep a #TaDa list.

You ladies are wonderful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.




2 thoughts on “Gradually getting back on top of my life.

  1. Siân Harris 14/07/2014 at 8:54 pm Reply

    Aww… Thank you sweetheart!
    And a huge well done #TaDa celebration for how well you’re doing getting back on track! You’re pretty wonderful yourself and it’s my delight to be able to call you a friend. (And, y’know, partner in crime an’ all 😉 x

  2. Siân Harris 14/07/2014 at 8:55 pm Reply

    Ps At some point we four all have to get together in the same place… if time and space can cope with that!

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