Monthly Archives: October 2014

I haven’t forgotten my Blog…….honest…..

I have been remembering that I have a blog and planning to pop over and post stuff.

Seriously, there are blog titles written in my planner for most weeks.

I have even taken photo’s to use in relation to some topics I had chosen to blog about.

But as appears to be the norm this year nothing has quite gone to plan and I have never managed to make it over here to post anything. Being without a working laptop for a few months didn’t help.

So instead of waiting till I have time to do a ‘proper’ blog post, I decided that as I had a few minutes tonight, I would at least post something.

It may not be perfect, planned out or particularly interesting.

But at least it is a post and stops the length of time I’ve gone between posts from getting any longer or more daunting to think about.

This weekend I will be celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary with my fabulous husband, next month we will have been together for a decade!!

Photo taken by the fabulous Simon Grosset of Q-Photography

Photo taken by the fabulous Simon Grosset of Q-Photography

He still makes me smile. 😀

If you are reading this I wish you well and hope you have something or someone to smile about.