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Gradually getting back on top of my life.

In an ideal world my week would consist of daily yoga and walks outside enjoying the local area.
Harvesting and eating fresh produce from our garden, spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying working with my fabulous team of AVON reps and recruiting then training new team members.
As well as helping my customers find the best offers for them, local voluntary work and curling up with a good book.
For an assortment of reasons I’ve not had an ‘ideal week’ yet this year, gradually getting there though and lots to smile about.

For instance

Lovely local walks

Lovely local walks

I managed to get a 5k walk in on Saturday, wasn’t at a particularly fast speed but 5k is 5k.

relaxing with a smoothie and a book

Started a good book and enjoying making green smoothies with home grown spinach

My husband bought me the boxed set of the Game of Thrones book at Christmas and I have actually started reading them now.

El Edwards made me smile

Surprise post received from the fabulous El Edwards

El Edwards made me smile by surprising me with lovely postcards and a card.

El regularly makes me smile and giggle, you can find her hanging out on Twitter usually @MsElEdwards or at

fresh from the garden

Yummy fresh strawberries from the garden

We’ve been harvesting this quantity three times a week for over a month, we now have a bag of them in the freezer for making smoothies.

Lovely sunny days

More lovely local walks in the outdoors

Loving how close we are to green areas, we are surrounded by fields, woods, hills and rivers. makes for lovely local walks.


Fresh salad from the garden

Fresh salad from the garden

We haven’t had to buy any salad leaves for over a month, we have been able to harvest as and when required from our garden.

Oh and the new Doctor Who trailer was aired last night as well. So lots to smile about.

Now just need to put plans in place to make the rest of 2014 amazing.

I’m using the last of my original format Delightful Days planners now, luckily the new ones are about to be launched at I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on one of the new ones, just need to decide on what colour scheme I’d like, before they launch.

I’m managing to get back on top of my health and weight loss, thanks to Nichole Kellerman and her advice and support, she is amazing. You can find her on Facebook at You should go check her out, you wont regret it. I’d recommend finding her on Pinterest as well.

Feeling much more like myself now thanks to El for making me smile, Nichole Kellerman for reminding me to do something #WildlyAlive everyday and Siân Harris for her fantastic planners and reminding me to keep a #TaDa list.

You ladies are wonderful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.





I really should just change the name of my Blog to I am a terrible Blogger. 😛

I have lots of things I want to blog about but no time to sit down and get it done.

Sorry for being so quiet.

So what has happened that can’t wait till I get a chance to sit down at the laptop properly?

I have a FitBit now, only had it for a few days though so still getting my head round the website.

Oh and we have a website of our own, nearly forgot!!! is the new website for my business. 😀

Have to run as getting everything sorted for the POUT event at Edinburgh Corn Exchange this weekend. Last year was fabulous so really excited about this year. 😀

Well I suppose as this post is a complete ramble of thinking out loud nonsense, I can leave the Blog as Angela’s Ramblings.

Bye for now.

Rubbish at Blogging, Sorry.

Yet again, I have to admit that I am terrible at blogging.
It’s not that I forget to blog, it’s more that when I remember, I can’t think of anything sensible to say.

Which explains why a lot of my previous posts make little or no sense.

I have so much that I want to blog about just now, that the problem is deciding what to blog first!!!!
Instead of suddenly having lots of blogs all at once I am going to make myself a list of the topics I want to blog about and gradually work my way through them.
Birthdays, Weddings, Fabulous NEW products, life in general…………. the list is endless.
Which bodes well for me managing to blog more often for the next few weeks at least.

There are a few things I do want to share just now though.
Siân (the other half of Siangela) got married.
I’ve lost 17lb so far this year.
AVON are about to launch fantastic new products, as well as their Christmas gift ideas starting to appear.
More on all of those topics to follow in future posts.

Bedazzled nail wraps by AVON

Oh almost forgot!!!!!!
I am now completely in love with AVON’s New Nail Art Design Strips, the photo above is of my nails with the Bedazzled design for Siân’s wedding.

January is almost over, where did it go?!

Well I completed the 21 day challenge and enjoyed every minute of it.

Nichole Kellerman is fantastic and great fun to work with. Check her out over at

She has so much to offer anyone struggling to gain control over their weight and wellbeing.

If you have ever dieted, tried assorted exercise regimes and then gave up. She’s the person you need on your side helping you get back the control over your choices.

I have been so busy with business, fitness, family and voluntary commitments it seems like forever since I last Blogged!!!

Where has January gone!?

I am feeling a lot more focused and energetic so February and beyond is going to seriously rock! I may have been rather quiet over the last month but if everything falls into place the way I hope, I will be far from quiet for the rest of the year.

How did your January go?

Days 7-13 of 21 Day Get Moving Challenge

Well we are more than half way through the 21 days and I am still eagerly awaiting each day’s challenges.

I am enjoying the extra energy I have now and the feelings of accomplishment each time I complete a challenge.

Unfortunately it has meant that I have spent less time online and have not managed to Blog as much as I would have liked.

Hoping to get back to normal service in the Blog over the next few weeks, off to do some Zumba just now though.


Days 3-6 of 21 Day Get Moving Challenge

Well I have successfully completed all challenges so far. Woohoo!!!!

Although there was a bit of juggling involved in the last few days. One day I had to do the challenge from the day before, as I don’t receive the new challenges till early afternoon and the time I had available that day was mid morning.

But that’s OK.

I then added the challenge I had missed into the following 2 days as extras and have now completely caught up, with extras added in.

Managed to fit in some Yoga, Zumba, Strictly Come Dancersize and a whole lot of walking into my week. Feeling tired but fantastic.

Almost finished the first week of the challenges, 1 day left then just 2 weeks to go and I can honestly say that I don’t anticipate any problems getting the challenges in daily.

Yes, some days I wont be able to do the 3 new challenges on the same calendar day as the people who are receiving their emails first thing in the morning, but that’s just timing. There are lots of things I can be doing each day to get moving and keep challenging myself. If I have to ‘bounce’ a challenge to the next day it’s not an issue. In fact if I get it done before lunch the next day it’s still before I receive the next days challenge anyway.

Even just adding 10 extra minutes of exercise into each day adds up to over an hour of extra exercise throughout the week. Can you find 10 minutes?

What have you done today?

Day 2 of the 21 day get moving challenge

Day 2 is nearing an end.

Todays challenges included an exercise video to complete which was great fun and very energetic.

What will tomorrow’s challenges be? I can hardly wait to find out!